Beliefs and Values

Beliefs and Values incorporates Relationships, Sex and Health Education (RSHE), Religious Studies, Careers and Citizenship.

Our curriculum builds on the learning that has taken place in the middle phase. It builds on their knowledge and provides a learning program that will reflect age appropriate content and discussion. Our course is designed to not only meet the statutory requirements, but also to encourages students to appreciate a wide range of religions, philosophies and view points which will enable them to make informed choices and decisions.

Program of Study

In years 9 , 10 and 11 students have a 50 minute lesson a week.

Students study six topics, one per half term.

We alternate teaching Religious Studies and our RSHE units

Students also have a tutor led session once a week


After an RSHE topic students are asked to reflect upon and grade their own understanding.

In our religious education terms students will complete a debate style written assessment

Students then review their progress and set themselves targets to improve their future performance.

We would draw your attention to the following guidance from the Department for Education:

You cannot withdraw your child from Health Education or the Relationships Education element of Relationships and Sex Education, because it is important that all children receive this content, covering topics such as friendships and how to stay safe.

If you do not want your child to take part in some or all of the Sex Education lessons delivered at secondary, you can ask that they are withdrawn. Your child’s head teacher will consider this request and discuss it with you, and will grant this in all but exceptional circumstances, up until three school terms before your child turns 16. At this age, your child can choose to receive Sex Education if they would like to, and the school should arrange for your child to receive this teaching in one of those three terms (unless there are exceptional circumstances).

For more detail please see the government's parental guidance

If you wish your child to be withdrawn from an element of sex education you should contact the school directly.