Tutor Time

What is the Tutor Program?

Once a week students will engage in B&V lessons in tutor time. This enables students to build up a relationship with their form tutor and also allow an opportunity to explore more topics.

Induction and safeguarding

Students will:

  • Complete ice breaking activities

  • Have an induction into how to use the school computers and email

  • Be introduced to our safeguarding measures

  • Explore causes and consequences of bullying and sources of help

  • County Lines

  • Keeping safe online

Democracy and Rights

Students will;

  • Discuss the importance of being a citizen

  • Learn how the UK government works

  • Debate votes at 16

  • Evaluate the effectiveness of our political system

  • Black History month

  • How are human rights protected in the UK

Inclusion and Diversity

Students will:

  • Define the concept of respect, what it means in practice

  • Explore different types of discrimination and how to combat them

  • Events that have changed the world; Derby race, Stonewall riots, Stephen Lawrence murder, ...

  • Discuss how we can challenge racism

  • LGBT history month

  • International Women’s Day


Students will:

  • What are the rules for working, whilst at school

  • What do you need for different jobs

  • What are post-16 choices

  • How to write a CV

  • Tips on interview technique

  • Managing work stress, time management, bullying etc.

Skills for Living

  • Work out how much it costs to live and what job could support chosen lifestyles

  • What are the different borrowing systems; loans, mortgages, etc.

  • Understanding credit ratings and interest charges

  • How to organise insurance

  • Avoiding scams

  • Keeping safe over the summer

The World Matters

Students will:

  • Global warming - what can you do?

  • Fairtrade - What are you choices?

  • Poverty - Why is wealth distributed so unfairly?

  • Amnesty International, Christian Aid and the British Red Cross - What are the doing?

  • Community projects - How can you get involved?