Year 10


Law and Justice

  • What is the aim of punishment?

  • Justice and religion

  • Capital Punishment

  • UK Human rights

  • Human rights

Rights and Responsibilities

  • Equal rights

  • Gender rights and changing roles

  • Democracy

  • Organisation of UK government

  • UK links to Europe

  • Politics, religion and the community

  • United Nations

Peace and Conflict

  • Causes of War and the Just War theory

  • Weapons of Mass Destruction

  • Forgiveness

  • Forgiveness and Abrahamic Religions

  • Karma and good deeds

Health and Well-being

  • Personal Health and diseases; knowing your body

  • Mindfulness, health and wellbeing

  • Diet and Exercise

  • Identity, Body dysmorphia and gender dysphoria

  • Homosexuality and LGBTQ, this is also supported by our Pride Club, that meets every week - all are welcome

  • Bullying; homophobic, sexist, racist and in the workplace

  • Sources of support

Community Cohesion

  • Multi-ethnic Britain (including difference between cultural practice and religion, honour killing, FGM, etc.)

  • Racism

  • Racial Harmony and Religion

  • Government action of Community Cohesion

  • The media’s portrayal of society and religion

The working world and finances

  • Wealth and poverty

  • Charity

  • Bank accounts and Credit cards, mortgages, renting, pensions

  • Budgeting and Loans

  • Career Options

  • Life in the workplace

  • How to write a CV

This section will also be supported by our work experience programme.